Mr.Black Denim Wash & Denim Refresh

Do you wear Selvedge Denim, do you like to wear your Selvedge in, do you wish when you could wear them a bit longer before the crucial first wash, and when this crucial first wash comes about, would it not be good to have something that helps keep the colour.

Yes, yes, yes and again yes - here is the product for you, 2 products infact, Denim REfresh and Denim Wash, some detaield info is listed below, but it will be available this week online at Fat Buddha Store


A highly concentrated unique enzyme free wash specifically formulated to clean denim. This gentle liquid offers an unsurpassed clean by breaking down and rinsing away dirt whilst maintaining denim.

- Helps maintain colour intensity
- Minimises fading
- Reduces the risk of shrinking and stretching
- Keeps denim in premium condition
- Made from plant derived ingredients


An all in-one product designed to clean and refresh and prevent stains from setting in denim. Denim Refresh gets to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odours in the first place.

- Antibacterial
- Kills odours
- Biodegradable solution
- Prolongs the time between washes
- Keeps denim in premium condition
- Extends the life of denim
- Leaves denim fresh
- Made from plant derived ingredients


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