Music Monday - Elvis Costello and The Roots!

The good folks over at NPR have just released on us a first listen to one of the most interesting musical collaborations of the year, the new album 'Wise Up Ghost' from Elvis Costello and The Roots!

After a meeting with hip hop's most exciting live band as a guest on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon', Elvis Costello began recording with The Roots in a series of experimental sessions which eventually spanned a year.

The sound of the album has already drawn comparisons to the soulful and funky sounds of early Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes but with added hip hop basslines and the literary brilliance of Mr Costello weaving itself amongst the cinematic sounds.

Collaborations of this nature often force the very best out of musicians and songwriters, with both coming from very different musical backgrounds and attempting to create a cohesive collaborative project, in this case it works beautifully!

Head over to the NPR player to check it out!


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