Koreless X Ghospoet - What Moves You

Glasgow's very own Koreless has teamed up with another pioneer of the London art scene Ghostpoet to produce a collaborative piece of work focusing on the question "What Moves You ?". Supported by Levi's throughout the project film director Alex Turvey joined these two seminal producers to document the creative process and provide the visual aspect of this musical endeavor.

Differing from any other screening of a collaborative series, this topic of exploration was not the most restrictive for the artists giving them the ultimate oppertunity to explore this modern frontier of music - what is the driving force behind young musicians in the UK?

Being natural city bred artists the trio took the idea to push forward the exploration of nature in their musical drive, instead of working in a studio the trio took a trek to the North of Wales, Mount Snowdon to be specific, filming a piece on the hillside and Koreless capturing the surrounding sounds. Taking their work back to the studio to cut and chop what had been collected, the end result is an impressive mix of styles providing a synthetic natural world in the heart of London with soundbites and high tech programming bringing in large crowds eagerly awaiting to listen to what the artists had created.

The final night included the essential mixture of drink, dancing, art and music in the form of DJ sets from Lone and XXXY, all in aid of supporting the young Brittish artists and the talent this country has to offer.

See the end result of the collaboration on the Make Our Mark website Here, and listen to a clip of the track made between Koreless and Ghostpoet.


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