Festival/Camping Essentials

Summer is here which means it's also festival/camping time and we've made it easy for to get kitted out with all your essentials in one stop at Fat Buddha.

The first thing you'll need is a sturdy and easy to carry backpack. We stock a wide range of styles and colours for anything you may need from the classics like East Pack to the stylish Sandqvist. You can get your backpacks instore or online here.

Another essential. It probably wont be sunny enough for sunglasses but after two days camping it's an easy way to look sharp and less grim. We stock Ray-Bans in store and they have the rare gift of making almost everyone looks better. You can get your Ray-Bans instore or online here.

Get yourself sorted with an easy to carry, foldable and lightweight Carhartt BBQ. Its easy to carry, folds into a small bag and looks sleek as hell. You can get your Carhartt BBQ instore or online here.

Camping Chair: 
Another slick bit of camping gear in the form of the Carhartt camo camping chair. With its drink holder, Carhartt detailing and carrier bag making it perfect for camping. You can get your Carhartt camping chair instore or online here.

The final bit of a essential kit from Carhartt is the Carhartt x Lowdi Bluetooth Speakers which are one of the best small speakers you can get. Great sound quality, small enough to travel with and you can sync it via bluetooth to your iPhone or Samsung mobile devices making it perfect for camping. You can get your speakers instore or online here.

If your going camping or to a festival your probably going to look and smell terrrible so embrace it, get some wet wipes and keep yourself looking as slick as possible with some Uppercut hair gel. You can get Uppercut instore or online here.

Crep Protect / Shoe Cleaner:
If you going to a festival/camping your shoes are going to get destroyed but they don't have to be. Get yourself some crepe protect before and some shoe cleaner for after and your shoes will be sorted. You can get your Crepe Protect instore or online here.


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