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Not so long ago it was all about the clean-cut look but in the last few years the popularity of beards has brown exponentially, thanks in no small part to some celebrity devotees. The beard has grown to become the most on-trend accessory you call pull off this season but created one problem, how to look after it? The key to the perfect beard is to get the balance right between not too manicured and not too wild and overgrown. Just arrived in store is a range of beard grooming products from Italian brand Laboratorio Avere la Barba that will help you groom your beard without looking overdone. Here is the low down on the new products available:

In the last year one of the hottest male grooming products to come on the market has to be beard oil. Beard Oil works as a conditioner for your facial hair to make it thicker, stronger and stop what is crudely known as beard-druff. The Laboratorio Avere la Barba beard oil is made in Italy and provided just the right amount of moisture your beard needs or as they say "just as a plant requires water on a very hot day". The oil achieves its moisture balance by combining a list of luxury ingredients such as Argan Oil, Radicchio Oil and Sunflower oil. Use morning and night or more often as required.

This is a product we have been asked for several times in store so we are glad to finally be stocking a Beard Shampoo. Use on your beard the same way as you would use regular shampoo on your hair and it will give your beard a breath of fresh air. The formula is infused with a wide selection and variety of radicchio plants which delicately cleaner the beard with being hard and restore the skins moisture balance and hair follicle. This product is all natural and is free from harsh mineral oils, vaseline and parabens.

This beard brush has been tried and tested specifically for the grooming of the beard. The oval beard brush is made from kitbe wood with natural bristles of wild boar. The brush is suitable for use on all types of beards, from fine or coarse beards, to long or short beards. The natural bristles made from wild board have a thickening and shining effect on the beard and will leave your beard in great condition.


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