Krate & Co the perfect way to store your sneakers!

Sometimes an idea is so simple that once it comes along we forget how we lived without it. Krate & Co's simple idea was to create a perspex shoe storage box that allows any sneakerhead to neatly display their priced finds.

This simple clear storage box is stackable, holds shoes sized UK 3 - UK 13 and looks sleek as hell. Sometimes a sneaker is such a find that it needs to be displayed and appreciated and thanks to these stackable boxes you can create an entire shoe wall with your gems or if your sneaker collection is overflowing these can safely be stored in the attic and still remain fresh whilst avoiding the weight problems of stacking conventional boxes.

Another feature we're loving with these is that you can see all your kicks at once, perfect for in the morning when your selecting a pair, as we are definitely guilty of forgetting about some of our old favorites and letting them follow into disuse.

The Krate and Co Shoe Storage Box is available now in store and online at Fat Buddha Store. Images via Krate & Co's Instagram


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