Going Out - Optimo presents BUCKY SKANK

Bucky Skank is an annual night from Optimo that celebrates Jamaican music in all its forms. For this fourth instalment, Twitch will delve into his collection to play his favourite dub, dancehall, ska, roots, sleng teng, steppers and rocksteady records as well as anything that might have a Jamaican influence that will fit in. The night is augmented with dub delays, space echo, dub siren and banks of samples operated by JG Wilkes.

A mix of the sort of things that may be played is available here - https://soundcloud.com/twitch/jd-twitch-bucky-skank-2014-mix

The night has also evolved into a label and there are now two Bucky Skank 12"s with more to come…..

In the Vic Bar, Glasgow School of Art, 11 - 3.00 on May 9th. £6 for GSA students and for all before midnight. £8 after midnight. £4 for unemployed (please bring proof). Head over to Facebook here to read more.


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