Fat Buddha Store Glasgow - Guide to Sneaker Care with Sneaker Lab

This week at Fat Buddha Store we welcome our latest brand Sneaker LAB's range of premium and innovative shoe care products. Caring for your kicks is always a struggle, not helped by the too often bleak weather in this country, so here we present their instruction guides to care for your kicks:

Sneaker Cleaner:
Sneaker LAB Sneaker Cleaner contains a patented proprietary biodegradable formula for lifting dirt and stains. The pro-bacterial solution combines non-harmful natural elements with beneficial bacteria in a revolutionary formula which softens and breaks down hardened dirt. It cleans on a microscopic level for a long lasting, deep cleaning effect. Tough on dirt and stains yet gentle enough for all fabrics and materials, even suede. Sneaker LAB Sneaker Cleaner is a non-toxic and 100% biodegradable product that is safe for the environment.

Odour Protector:
Sneaker LAB Odor Protector consists of a special formula that refreshes and removes unwanted foot odor. Through a mixture of natural elements and beneficial bacteria, Sneaker LAB Odor Protector deep cleans and blocks odors at a molecular level. With its unique pro-bacterial chemistry which binds odor molecules at the source, Sneaker LAB Odor Protector actively biodegrades odorous compounds on a microscopic scale, eliminating odor producing foot bacteria whilst releasing odorless CO2 as a by-product.

Sneaker Protector:
Sneaker Protector is a water based treatment that acts as an invisible protective barrier against everyday dirt & stains. Forming a moisture repelling seal that is soil and stain resistant, Sneaker Protector works to maintain the color and soft feel of suede, fabric and nubuck, whilst shielding your shoes against the elements. The Sneaker Protector functions to keep shoes looking newer & cleaner for longer.

Leather Care:
Sneaker LAB Leather Care is a water based cream that combines proprietary nutrients and sealants to protect and nourish leather helping to restore that ‘new shoe’ look and finish. Sneaker LAB Leather Care works to prolong the life of shoe leather, keeping it supple and crack free for a comfortable fit. Working to shield leather against the elements, Sneaker LAB Leather Care UV protects and shines whilst providing water resistant protection against marks and stains.

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