Going Out - Optimo presents “100 years, with Justin Strauss (New York City)”

Optimo presents “100 years, with Justin Strauss (New York City)”

Few djs are truly deserving of the accolade “legend”. Justin Strauss is one of them.

With a career in music stretching back over 40 years, Justin is one of the most iconic djs still playing. A huge part of what originally inspired the creation of Optimo was the New York club scene of the early 1980s, that Justin was a huge part of, with its clash of punk rock, no wave, new wave, funk, electro, hip hop and disco scenes all coming together.

As well as hanging out in the dj booth at the Paradise Garage, Justin was dj at a series of clubs that define the New York club scene of that era, then indisputably the best in the world; Mudd Club, Danceteria, Palladium, Tunnel, and Area, clubs that if we had a time machine would be our first port of call.

He was also one of a select group of DJs who pioneered a new trend that we today take for granted; remixing. His discography is insane with nearly 500 credits on Discogs for remixes and production taking in acts as diverse as Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Tina Turner, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Devo, Duran Duran and Kid Creole & The Coconuts amongst a legion of others.

Justin remains a phenomenal dj and remixer to this day and unlike some of his peers from the past is forward looking, embracing the best of now combined with his fearsome knowledge of the best of the past. We are truly honoured and delighted to bring him to Glasgow for a long overdue first appearance.

While we are relative newcomers compared with Mr. Strauss we realised there will be around 100 years of dj experience behind the decks in the Sub Club on this night so we thought that worth celebrating too, hence the title of this night.

For a great insight into Justin’s history, read this - https://uk.novationmusic.com/community/news/inventing-the-remix---justin-strauss


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