Filson Restoration Department - Video

Normally, a fraying hole in the fabric or a broken zipper would be enough to relegate a bag to the landfill, but Seattle-based bag maker Filson believes that this is only a life half lived. For this reason, the brand set up the Filson Restoration Department (FRD) in 2014 to prolong the longevity in the well-loved Filson bags that previous customers bring in.

Here, Hanson provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process that the second-hand bags undergo, where imperfections and signs of wear and tear are not only not disguised, but instead are celebrated as markers of the stories through which each bag has lived. After finishing his university education, Chris Hanson wandered into Filson‘s Seattle outpost looking for some direction. His grandfather, who was a devoted consumer, had given him an appreciation for the heritage and craft behind the brand.

Soon after, Hanson began working on the retail side of the operation and quickly realized it was actually the creation process he’d fallen in love with. When Filson’s CEO charged him with the task of making vintage bags everything seemed to have fallen in place. In this short video Hanson sits down with Filson to talk passion, craft, and how new doesn’t always mean better. Enjoy the video below, and be sure to check out the Filson Range in store and online at Fat Buddha Store.


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