Brand Profile - Superga

We have just welcomed back the Cotu classic from Superga in a range of new colourways and textural materials. One of the most wearable and all round classic silhouettes; this model has been a firm favourite of ours for years. In the spirt of this, in this post, we look back at Superga's extensive history.

It's hard to believe that Superga is well over 100 years old. Under the care and attention of Walter Martiny in 1911, the Superga factory began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. It was here, in Turin, Italy, the Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was born.

After closing during the war, the Superga factory reopened with a mission to bring high quality footwear to the people of Italy. The 2750 became established as the people's shoe of Italy, and Superga increased its product line with technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots and a growing range of colours and styles.

The 2750 shoe has been an icon since the very beginning and has inspired flatforms and mid tops, been transformed for all weathers, and has collaborated with top names to bring you fresh new designs. Taking you from the city to the beach, from the office to the bar, or from the high street to the park, the easy, comfortable Superga shoe has no boundaries.

Shop the range in store and online now at Fat Buddha Store.
2390 Cotu Classic Trainers - Black
2390 Cotu Classic Trainers - Ecru
2390 Cotu Classic Trainers - Military Green
2390 Cotu Classic Trainers - Navy
2390 Suede Cotu Classic Trainers - Full Dark Chocolate
2390 Suede Cotu Classic Trainers - Full Deep


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