Yard Etc - Brand Profile

Our latest grooming brand YARD ETC. started with two sore hands and a strong and ever smouldering desire for horticulture. Like so many other gardening geeks they like to work with our bare hands. No gloves, with the fingers delving deep into the soil. As they say so much of the sensation is in the fingertips. A sensation that can unfortunately be wrecked by chapped hands, soil-stained fingernails, cracked cuticles – with scratches, splinters and thorns. 

One day spent in the spinach patch can easily leave marks. But isn’t growing and cultivating supposed to be good fun and also sensory to work with your hands, even after a shift at the office?

Yard Etc
spotted a need and felt it was their mission to look for the best possible nurturing ingredients. Mild, yet effective raw ingredients that cleanse, nourish, moisturise and stimulate. Natural products of course and preferably organic. Add natural essential oils. Experienced craftsmen mix all these lovely things into a beautiful consistency and wrap everything up in stylish and practical packaging.

The end result is products that do good, feel good and that smell fabulous. The gardenistas of this world surely cannot wait to lay their hands on these?! They also focus on the personal gear you need to bring your garden dreams to life with less obstacles and better comfort.

Their gardening wear is constructed of the best durable fabrics, occasionally coated to withstand dirt and moisture. Details and workmanship suited to fulfil the need of comfortably keeping favourite equipment close and handy. In short, the best and stylish garden wear imaginable… because you never know who will enter your backyard next.

The brand Yard Etc draws inspiration from the creativity and resourcefulness of the city’s back streets and courtyards. From passionate growers that don’t view asphalt, concrete and exhaust fumes as obstacles, but rather like challenges. People who plant and grow for their own use or simply for the joy and beauty of it. For the sake of flavour, nourishment, beauty and the environment. All devoted garden enthusiasts that grow food, create beautiful spots or attractive green surroundings to live in and get enjoyment from. In the city or outside. Because there’s of course no real difference between a farmer’s muddy mitt or a accountant’s dry, cracked palm.

The products from Yard Etc fulfil exactly the same needs, never mind if it’s urban or rural environments. Inside or outside any city limits and any country borders. Shop the range in store and online.


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