Montana - Permanent Short Marker 'Silver'

The PERMANENT SHORT Marker range now welcomes the addition of the majestic colour, Silver. Silver is optimal on black or dark coloured surfaces. Each PERMANENT SHORT Silver Marker contains alcohol based pigment ink which leaves a luscious metallic looking mark once applied.

The 4mm Chisel tip is sharp and accurate while the 100mm long and 15mm diameter body is comfortable in-hand, and easy to use. Why not try it with the iconic 'hello my name is' sticker packs? 

The Montana PERMANENT SHORT Silver Markers are ideal for any well considered consumer, or last minute gift idea purchased at the point of sale. This timeless colour is not only a much loved colour for the graffiti consumer, it is an all-person, all-season, all-rounder. Whether it be calligraphy projects, or simply decorating a card.


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