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The characteristic that makes Blundstone boots renowned is the one item that hasn't changed in the past 150 years.

The Aussie brand has never stopped changing in terms of design, style, and technology.
And even though it is the most valuable boot brand in the world, Tasmania is still where its designs are made.  Blundstone Boots is an Australian footwear company known for their durable and stylish boots. They offer a wide range of boots that cater to different lifestyles and needs. Two notable ranges in their collection are the Thermal and Vegan ranges.

Are Blundstone boots suitable for rain and snow?  Yes, yes they are, you don't have to worry about that as all shoes (except vegan) are made from leather. Leather is a natural material, it doesn't offer full waterproof protection however most Blundstones boots are water-resistant and the leather should provide protection when exposed to rain and wet terrain.

This time around we have women's and men's sizes.

Blundstone Boots - Lifestyle Image

style range selection might be overwhelming and perplexing. There are so many names and numbers—the traditional range, the original range, the Blundstone 585 and the Blundstone 500—but what do they all mean? The Original Series and the Classic Series are Blundstone's two most well-liked style lines, although they also provide Thermal and Dress ranges.

Blundstone: The Thermal Edition 

The Thermal Edition of the Blundstone Boot 

Built to last in the elements The Thermal Series is made to keep your feet warm during the winter. These boots, which are based on the Classics Series Chelsea boots, are made to protect and soothe your feet when you need it most thanks to the combination of water-resistant treated leather uppers, leather inside, and our Classic Contoured EVA & Sheep's wool foot beds. 

The Thermal range features boots that are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable in cold weather. These boots are lined with Thinsulate™ insulation, which provides warmth without adding bulk. They also feature a waterproof leather upper that helps keep your feet dry in wet conditions. The Thermal range is a great option for anyone who lives in colder climates or spends time outdoors in the winter.

Blundstone: The Vegan Edition

The Vegan Edition of the Blundstone Boot

Embrace nature's forces. These meticulously designed vegan Chelsea boots are meant to withstand abrasive situations and endure the test of time because they are lightweight and manufactured with certified vegan materials. Blundstone vegan boots to take you anywhere in life.

The Vegan range, on the other hand, is designed for people who want a leather-free boot option. These boots are made from synthetic materials that are vegan-friendly and ethically sourced. They feature a durable, water-resistant upper that can withstand various weather conditions. The Vegan range is a great option for people who want to make a conscious choice about the products they wear and support.

To check out the whole collection, please visit our website

Overall, Blundstone Boots offers a wide range of boots that cater to different needs and preferences. The Thermal and Vegan ranges are just two examples of how the company is committed to meeting the needs of their customers. Whether you are looking for a durable, stylish, and weather-resistant boot or a leather-free option, Blundstone has a boot that will fit your needs.


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