Napapijri - A guide to stay warm


With the upcoming cold winter days we should stay toasty while shopping, scrolling or being adventurous.  Its easy to layer up with thermals but you also need that top layer!

Shop fashion, durable and comfortable with Napapirji.

Here I have put together a few essentials for this weather!

Simply just press on the picture to directly take you to the item.

Napapijri Chairlift Jacket - Orange Butternut - £ 265 - I couldn't think of a better start than this piece, you simply can't go wrong with this jacket, this heavy duty jacket is an absolute essential! With its removable sleeves and hood, you can make it into a vest, there you have it, 2 piece for the price of one, what a smart idea!

Napapijri Raspeball Short Jacket - Blue Marine - £ 300 - The inside of this jacket is so soft, there is absolutely no way you will be cold this winter! 

 Napapijri Northfarer 2.0 Jacket - Humus Beige - £ 175 - Cosy and stylish jacket that comes in various colours.

Napapijri A-Hornelen Jacket - Brown - £ 235 - A puffer that we all need, a perfect solution for those minus degrees that have been hitting us since early December.

Napapijri Yupik Full Zip Jacket - Grey - £ 165 - Perfect for an under layer but also does a great job on its own, with the teddy fleece material you will feel like your wearing a blanket. Also available in other colours.

Napapirji Semibury Beanie - Red - £45 - Available in so many colours, is honestly perfect for all year round but I can reassure you that it will keep you warm for this season!

 If none of these tickle your fancy, why not check out our outerwear section on our website, just click here.

Happy Shopping! x
Fat Buddha Store.


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