Santa Cruz - Brand Profile


The oldest continuously operating skateboard business in skating is Santa Cruz Skateboards.

The company NHS was established in 1973 by three surfers who were also friends: Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman. NHS is an acronym for Novak, Haut, and Sherman.

Due to the low profit margins from making surfboards, the startup company struggled to stay in business. However, unexpectedly, a friend from a Hawaiian company placed an order for 500 skateboards. Since they had an excess of fibre glass and few customers, they used the materials to fill the order, and the first Santa Cruz Skateboard was created in 1973. Santa Cruz Skateboards was founded after additional 500 boards were ordered after the skateboards quickly sold out. 

The red dot and the Screaming Hand insignia are two of Santa Cruz's most recognizable marks.

The very first logo that Santa Cruz ever used was the red dot. Jim Phillips and Jay Shuirman created the design.

The Screaming Hand logo appeared soon after and quickly gained the same fame and notoriety as the original red dot mark.

Santa Cruz Skateboards is a multi-product company that now sells hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks, safety gear, cruisers, decks, full skateboards, wheels, skate hardware, and accessories. 

The world's most well-known skating manufacturer also produces snowboards, long boards, and surfboards, and they have specialized teams for each of the other sports.

I am excited to share that we now stock Santa Cruz, in store and soon to be online, so keep your eyes pealed!



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