Carhartt WIP - Gift Ideas under £25

Since it's officially December and nearly Christmas... There is no better time than now to get you inspired for Christmas gifts with a price range! Here at Fat Buddha Store, we have a selection of accessories from different brands but today I will focus on 'Carhartt WIP'

We are all living on a budget at the minute, and holidays can be a tough one for a lot of individuals and families, so I wanted to show you some items that are affordable and can be purchased from our website or in-store.

This is how it works if you are simply interested in the item, press on the picture!

Now, let's start with a...


You can't go wrong with this 'Carhartt WIP Piece of Work Snow Globe' a perfect gift for a secret Santa, a good friend or a loved one! With a banging price of £20.00, even I might get one for my flatmate if she's lucky!

Some 'Carhartt Thane Key Holders are also £20.00 each. We all have keys right?

Now for the sock lovers....

If the socks above aren't your vibe, we also have a banging selection of socks; basic, colourful or pattern, you name it, we have it, just press here to view more.

What about gloves? 

Now last but not least, why not supply them with a beanie that they can wear all year round?

'Carhartt Watch Hats' - priced £20,00.
'Carhartt Script Beanie Hats' - Priced £25,00.

To view more hats, just press here.
All items are unisex.

Happy shopping!


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