Here Come the Tacky Kilt Shops

In Glasgow we have managed for years to be fairly devoid of the tacky Scottish shops that plague Edinburghs Royal mile like a big bunion, the only one we have of note is Heritage on Union Street, it sells braveheart swords and all manner of gash, Slanj do a range of Scottish T's which at least have a bit of humour, there are some ok ones mixed in there.

Now we have the above mentioned Kilts & Cashmere of Scotland come to the city of Glasgow, they are one of the stores that plague Edinburgh and when you look at the product, none of it is Scottish, all made in China & India, Scottish Cashmere, i don't think so.

It seems Scottish history is reduced to t'shirts that say Scotland in Glitter and diamontes, kilts for much cheapness and all made in another country, having a look round the shop it is hard to find anything remotely Scottish to be proud of.
You would think the lack of a castle in Glasgow would cause the tourist-mongers to stick to Edinburgh, i hope they do.

Remember Glasgows is Miles Better.

Maisie wanted in the above shot.


Anonymous said…
Glasgow is shite - full of people with an inferiority complex which you so beautifully highlighted in your post.
Also, there is more than a slight tone of racism to your post as well.
How you could racism from that i don't know.

As for Glasgow being Shite, hmmm, no.

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