KISS Rock & Roll Vans Slip Ons

Without question, KISS are the greatest rock band ever, albums like Destroyer, Love Gun,
Dynasty, Dressed To Kill, Hotter than Hell, Rock and Roll Over and i could go on and on and on, then dont forget the gem that is Unmasked from the 80's.

Of course i am biased, i am the guy that went to a KISS concert in the 80s with full Gene Sim make-up, i am also the guy who has an original 1977 Pinball Machine (in working order).
Also i have a scarily big set of Kiss collectables, from Xmas baubles to telephones, to dolls to water fountains, now i can add a pair of Vans to my collection.

Coming in at £40 these Vans Classic Slip Ons are great and the artwork on the box is pretty sweet aswell, so what you waiting for, grab a pair here.


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