Fat Buddha's Photographers

At Fat Buddha we have had 3 photographers, 2 of them have been great, the above 2 images are from our present guy David Kane, you will see him a few days a week working in store, hes the big guy.
David has a keen interest in photographing Boudoir & Risque stuff, very professional and the nicest big guy you could hope to meet, hes charming, polite, well mannered.
His big passion is the cosplay thing, the top photograph is of the Baroness and then there's his whole Fight Club thing.

If you are looking for a photographer who specialises in the darker side of photography then David is sure to impress, check out his site at www.davidkane.co.uk

Below we have an image from Grant Thistle, who was our first photographer, hes responsible for saving me years of time by introducing proper photography lights into the store, without them id be an old man.

Grant is Nutty, but in an artistic fruity way, he only sees in B&W, and if you look at his website he is really good, he has came on heaps in the past year and his website looks great, he does all the usual commission work, but if you need a B&W specialist, check out his site.


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