12,000 orders and counting.

Yup, thats how many orders weve had since we started, just realised it today, cant believe how many orders weve had in 4 years. 
Katie has been flat out for the past 2 days packing them up, she looked pretty frazzled today, even had to buy her a Dairy Milk to put a smile on her face.

We are on Version6 of the site, yup, there have been 6 facelifts in 4 years, more face lifts than Joan Collins, but i think we have the right look now, just a lil tinkering with the functionality to go and that'll be me happy for a few weeks.

Also, we get 2,500 visitors a week to our blog, for a store blog thats pretty impressive and we update pretty much every day.  2,500 is a feat and i'm glad i persevered through the days of 6 visitors a day, its paying off now.

So the search continues for more brands and with the new store we'll be battling with brands to bring them into the Glasgow store and website, look out for Loakes, Lavenham, Undefeated, Only NY, Huf, WESC, Puma, Converse & no doubt a few other crackers.

Just on the train to London for the final few appointments, Undefeated, Lavenham & Zoo York, a few days getting ideas for the new store, some pictures will no doubt follow.

Keep checking by and see what we're upto.



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