You should all know by now that we love our Vans dearly, and we're so happy to announce that our collection is continuing to grow with 4 new products introduced this week (That brings our tally up to 44 styles and colourways both in store and online, just an FYI) and as much as we love the classics - the  Authentics and Eras, these ones are a little bit special....

Gorilla Biscuits Slip on in Pewter

Some of you out there i'm sure have heard of Gorilla Biscuits, the NY based  vegan straight edge hardcore band? Well, they've teamed up with Vans to create a collection which includes this bad boy as well as a skate high. Nice colourway!


OTW Pritchard - Black

Now this gentleman you may recognise... as yes, we also stock him in Indigo! But hey, black's great too and not only is this style perfect if you wanna get your fancy feet on, but it's comfortable and skateable like any other vans sneaker! Not sure you'd wanna ruin them though... but these are lovely!

Half Cab and 106 Vulcanised in Flint Grey/Chocolate Truffle

Okay, these two styles are old news but hey, we're loving this new colourway for Spring 2011!

Check out our full range of vans here!



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