Lomo color slide xpro 200

So, we just got a lovely restock of lomo film and we really got a great selection - both 35mm and 120 colour negative in various speeds, black and white, redscale and some cool colour slide film too! To me, the colour slide film is possibly the most interesting. While normal colour negative film gets processed in a C41 chemical when you take it to your local photolab, colour slide films is deaigned to be processed in an E6 chemical. However, if you take the slide film and cross-process it in a C41 chemical it gives photographs with huge contrast, whacked out colours and insane saturation.

At the moment lomography have 2 of these colour slide films on the market - the first of which is the 'colour slide/x-pro 200' which is really rebranded Agfa RSX 200. I took a couple of spools of this stuff to Paris to pop in my trusty Nikkormat a few weeks back and here are a few snaps -

Conclusion: I think it's great, and love the exaggerated green tones through the film. The great thing about this is that it's available in both 35mm and 120 and so you can use it in such a great variety of vintage and plastic cameras.

As for Lomographys other colour slide film (X-pro Chrome) I currently have a roll of this in my camera fromwhich I'll hopefully be getting developed soon!



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