Massumi Dutti, I Love it !!!

Retail is hard just now, its been ages since i spent some serious cash on a new wardrobe.  Well 6 months in fact, and it was Hong Kong and i went Visvim & Idiom crazy and a few Kikstyo T's to add to the experience.

For me to spend money, i take persuasion, a good shopfit, nice ambience good staff (but in this case their spanish, so they can't have everything), the shops are all kinda identikit, but the flooring alone must be £40k.
In spain this week, and i've visited about 6 stores and finally decided i want to buy a 'look', a jacket, shirt, sweat, jumper and that'll do for now, but next time your on the continent, visit one of the stores, also theres 6 stores in London, go visit.

Or you can goto their website, HERE, surprisingly its not transactional which is a bit of blooper from these guys but the site gives a feeling of the look.


joan said…
I love massimo dutti.
I have buying for years and still like it.
Great blog!

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