The Batmobile Documentary

One of the most anticipated films of the year The Dark Knight Rises is soon to make an appearance on our cinema screens. The film is set to be released this month, but it is during the 2012 holiday that we shall see Warner Brothers release a special Batmobile documentary that will come along with the release of the Blu-Ray edition of the movie. The documentary itself chronicles the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle that has been called "a mythic character in itself." A YouTube preview of the Batmobile documentary is linked to the July 20 release of The Dark Knight Rises, the final chapter in director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The Batmobile documentary offers a deep dive into all details of the supercar, from its "Bat-chutes" to its blazing machine guns.

The short sneak peek film shown above includes vintage cartoon panels of early Batman vehicles from DC Comics and footage of various TV and movie Batman vehicles, including the original 1966 George Barris Batmobile from the TV series.
Adam West, who played Batman in the TV series, described the Batmobile as a "mythic character in itself." The documentary underscores the fact that Batman had no super powers and needed a special vehicle to take on the bad guys.
The documentary is coming to Blu-ray and digital download in December.


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