Graffiti and brands

Two of our favourite and most popular brands to date, The Hundreds and Obey, have both recently decided to choose and support graffiti artists and crews to showcase what they have to offer.

Recently a video surfaced of Shepard Faireys Obey brand supporting the Russian CHO Crew, the video showcases their antics throughout Russia and a trip to spain. Excellent footage and edited very stylishly this video comes across very cool, the video also hosts great shots of wheat pasting/postering giving us an insight into how Shepard Fairey rose to fame and how he went about it. Aside from this there are some great shots of a lovely girl in high waisted shots skateboarding through Barcelona, a great way to kill time on a rainy day like today.
Unfortunately it wont let me embed the video on this blogger so you can find that video here.

The second group of artists and brand in hand is The Seventh Letter working with The Hundreds. These video gives us a look at each artist from the crew and what they have to say about graffiti. This video here shows Revok talking about his past to fellow artist and member of The Seventh Letter Alex2Tone, giving us some good tales as a writer and how his Dad felt about the whole thing. This video also informs us of how the collaboration between the two came to be, a collab which we were all very excited to see. 

Other artists include Saber, Rime and Ewok.




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