Whats Going On - Glasgow Merchant City Festival

Today sees the beginning of the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow. The festival will be taking place from the 25th to the 29th July with an aim  of showcasing all that is to offer in Glasgow's Merchant City, range from selection restaurants and cafe bars to the  different cultural venues and arts organisations on offer in Glasgow's unique cultural space.

This years festival boasts 300 events through 75 venues in 5 days and is the perfect opportunity experience the fantastic architecture and streetscape of the Merchant City while checking the best of both Glaswegian and International artists.

As well as plenty of art exhibitions the festival also features walking city tours with a twist, treasure hunt of art galleries, interactive exhibitions, workshops, celebrations of olympic football in Glasgow,  live music and plenty more. Check out the full programme on the web site here.

The Merchant City Festival is a must see for visitors to Glasgow as well as Glaswegians themselves looking discover more about Glasgow's historic capital as well as the opportunity to check out some of the best modern Glaswegian and International artists.


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