Music Monday - Comeme

Comeme is unlike any record label you have heard of before it can not be defined or linked to one particular style of music or location. Instead it boasts a vast plethera of international from South America and Europe artists that bring with them a range of different influences.
 Since it began Comeme has been responsible for some of best house music around ranging from Chicago house, dirty EBM, "caveman disco" the end result will demand dancing from the listeners.

The head of the label is Chilean Matias Aguayo who is considered as some what of a pioneer of minimal house music. The Chilean is known for his street parties and his live shows.

To celebrate the original Comeme street parties UK label Huntleys and Palmers will be throwing to special Comeme parties in Glasgow and London on the &th and 8th July. These showcases will feature Matias Aguayo, Ale Paz, Capracara, Auntie Flo and Esa and Optimo. These look to be very special and a great way to celebrate the summer. lets just hope the rains off! Check out the event page here.


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