Don't Tell The Bride - Mark & Jill Loney

Long time customer and Fat Buddha Store fan Mark Loney recently got hitched to the stunning Jill Loney.  The wedding was done as part of the BBC3 programme 'Don't Tell The Bride' where the groom (Mark) gets to choose everything, as you can guess he didn't choose very well and a normally calm and collected Jill went a bit mental and turned into Bridezilla.

With good reason did Jill flip her lid, the wedding was held at the 'Wickerman Festival' the carriage of choice was a tractor, it was muddy.  This came the day after Jill was given the dress, which by all accounts wasn't the dress she wanted, luckily it got changed

Jill came in last week shopping for Mark and warned us that the programme was airing this week, (Wednesday Night) and we were to forgive her outbursts, the pressure got to her, but she can see the funny side of it now.
We can't wait to watch the programme and hoping to give Mark pelters next time he's in the shop.

So, tune on on Wednesday night to watch 'Don't Tell The Bride' BBC3 - 9pm

So a big good luck to the both of them on Married life, and let the good times roll !!!


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