What's On? - Alien War at The Arches

OM MY DAYS!!! The Arches present the return of the ultimate terror experience in the form of Alien War. The action packed Alien War is back commemorating 20 years since it first opened at the Arches in 1992. Alien War is described as a "Total Reality" as those taking part make their way through the the specially designed set inspired by Alien set designer HR Giger.

The group of explorers taking part will travel through the the dark, claustrophobic underground depths of the Arches tunnels discovering unusual artifacts and strange hieroglyphics along the way. Not too mention the terrifying scares that they will encounter as they are pursued by the Alien.

Alien Wars is running from Friday 14th  September to Sunday 14th April and is not to be missed if you are looking to scare yourself shitless and prepared to do a lot of running. With a whole new set design and plenty of new scares Alien Wars is just as exciting for previous victims too. Info on tickets and times here.

In The Arches basement no one can hear you scream...


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