Puma Trinomic

This sees the special release of the Puma Trinomic Lo's a nod to 1990's sneaker technology where extra gadgets and features were added to runnign shoes to enhance the possibilities of the trainer whether it be extra cushioning for comfort or imporvements to help your game.

Puma were way ahead of the game and in 1989 created the Trinomic system which was a special honeycomb structure that provided extra support as well as adding lift and motion control while still maintianing a lightweight sneaker.

Now for 2012 Puma presents the newest members to the Trinomic family in the form of these Trinomic lo's in two new colourways. Made with materials based on outgear they are perfect for running on tough terrain as well as a nod to a classic design. The range also incoludes a selection of sweats and tees to compliment the trainers. These are special edition so will not be available until Saturday 15 September. Check out the range of sweats and tees here.


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