Fat Buddha Xmas Gift Guide 2012 - Part Two

In part two of our gift guide, we bring you some more stocking fillers and gift ideas for those who may be struggling for those last minute presents or for those who may not have even started their Christmas shopping.

The Keep Watch Safari Pom beanie from New York streetwear brand Mishka is one of the more striking beanies on the market and is sure to get you noticed in a crowd this winter. Mishka have carved a niche for themselves in the streewear world by focusing on their own counter culture, with inspiration coming from all walks of life, from hip hop to hardcore punk, from video games to horror movies and so much more.
The beanie features an in your face leopard print design, a black ribbed cuff, yellow, orange and black pom and the oh so familiar Keep Watch logo patch sewn onto the front.

For any Mishka fans out there, this is the perfect Christmas gift, and if you think this might be a little too garish for you, then don't worry, we've got it in a much safer colourway right here.

Next up on the gift guide is one of the most popular books that we sell instore and online, Dressers.

This book is all about 80's lads culture and documents the youths of the day, from mods and skinheads of the early 80's right up to the football casuals of the late 80's and early 90's. Featuring the music, the stories, the fashion and all the elements that made the 80's a quintessential time to be a working class youth.
The book also touches upon the rave and club culture of the mid 90's when clubs like The Hacienda were the place to be and drug use was just an added buzz. Featuring 276 full colour pages, if you're looking for that perfect gift for your dad who loved the footy back in the day and regales you with his stories of clubbing in Madchester, then this is the perfect gift.
If you've got a relative who is constantly scribbling down notes everywhere, or someone who is just a little bit scatterbrained, then perhaps this Field Notes National Crop Edition would be a nice gift.
Field Notes are the brainchild of Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design, a graphic design company based in Portland Oregon. Draplin had a fascination with memo books, which he travelled all over the USA collecting and when Coudal Partners of Chicago approached him about creating his own memo book, he jumped at the chance.
Field Notes now has over a dozen different ranges and products and one of the best has to be this National Crop Edition. Based around 6 classic American crops, the pack features a crop reference map, an embroidered logo patch and 6 lined notebooks which is sure to give you someplace to put your ideas for the future.
Stay tuned to the blog for part 3 of the gift guide on Monday!


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