Fat Buddha Store X Sub Club Festive Party

This Saturday see's the joining of forces between legendary Sub Club and Glasgow's best streetwear store Fat Buddha Store.
Sub Club have been an institution on the Glasgow club scene for the past 25 years and have played host to some of the worlds hottest dance acts and club nights.

On Saturday night Sub Club's Subculture event plays host to The Revenge and Ali Ooft alongside resident DJ's Harri and Domenic. The Revenge has been producing music for the best part of 15 years and is involved in a multitude of different projects both in the studio and his recent live tour which has seen him travel across the world.
He will be joined on the night by Ali, the mastermind behind Ooft Music, Foto Recordings, Midnight Marauders and much more. Expect the sounds to be wide ranging but with a heavy House leaning. You can check out some of their mixes below.


The good news for Fat Buddha Store is that The Revenge and Ali Ooft will be playing an exclusive set for us instore on Saturday night from 7 till 9.30pm and our very own Craig Moog will also be on hand adding some sounds. We will also be providing all customers with a 15% discount and if you spend over £50, you get free entry into the Subculture event later that evening. Sub Club are also providing us with The Kraken Rum and there will be beers available for those less adventurous drinkers.
You can check out all the details over on our Facebook page and we hope to see you all there on Saturday for some cool sounds, some discount shopping and a helluva good time!


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