Hottie of The Week - Selena Gomez!

This weeks hottie is the incredibly hot Selena Gomez, who with this weeks release of the trailer for her newest movie 'Spring Breakers' is making the transition from Disney starlet to sexy young actress.

Selena Gomez started out that old familiar way that many young American actors, actresses and singers have in the past, as part of Disney and its seemingly neverending supply of teeny-bopper stars.

Since 'graduating' from the world of Disney, Selena has attempted to shake off her clean cut image with raunchy photo-shoots and the bikini-clad 'Spring Breakers' movie, with her sexy co-stars pictured above, which you can watch the trailer for below (James Franco's character is another highlight of the film).

The one thing that annoys the guys here at Fat Buddha is her choice of guys, Justin Bieber?!? C'mon, seriously?!? But seemingly they've split up, so guys all over the world can rejoice in the knowledge that she may have came to her senses!

You can also find Selena on the front cover of next months issue of Nylon Magazine, so keep an eye out for that.


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