Home - Urban Art Project Glasgow

One of our customers for art supplies here at Fat Buddha Store, Peter Drew has made this great short video showcasing an ongoing project he has been doing in Glasgow. Before Peter left Adelaide he made a collection of portrait photographs of his friends and family. When he arrived in Glasgow he started drawing their portraits and installing the drawings, together with the photos, on the street. he recorded people’s reactions to the project and began to make portraits of the people who reacted. In this sense the project has grown in the same way that our feeling of ‘home’ grows around our sense of community.

'Home’ is an ongoing project that Peter aim's to continue by photographing and drawing people wherever he goes. Each portrait is a small memorial to the people in his life and a means to connect with the place where he is living. You can check out the video below, and lots more from our art and graphics department here.

HOME - urban art project - Glasgow from Peter Drew on Vimeo.


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