Music Monday - Keaton Henson!

We're nothing if not diverse here at Fat Buddha store, and we like you a little taste of our diversity through our Music Monday feature.

This week we're presenting a much more sombre singing talent, something to help ease you into the New Year and get you over the hangover and potential heartbreak of the Xmas and New Year festivities.

Keaton Henson, a singer-songwriter from London has gained something of a cult following through a series of bedroom recordings bearing his heart and soul. Keaton is a rare breed, he very much favours solitude and rarely performs live.

In interviews, performances and videos he shys away from any and all publicity and seems uncomfortable with the spotlight, which is a crying shame given his considerable talent.

You can listen to some more of his songs through his soundcloud and his website. He is currently embarking in his first solo tour, with the quirk of performing in museums across the UK, though many dates are sold out, you might just be lucky enough to see him!


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