Going Out - Dixon Avenue Basement Jams at The Sub Club

One of our favourite labels and one of the best labels around right now has to be Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. It's great to see the guy's behind it Kenny and Dan take to Subculture at Glasgow's Sub Club tomorrow night (Saturday 25th Jan) for what looks set to be an outstanding night of music.

Based out of Glasgow, the motto for the labels is “real rockin’ raw shit from the street for the clubs”, and it sums up the imprint to date perfectly. Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, quite frankly, release weird, non standard machine music that spits and splurts, blurts and bleats all kinds of alien patterns, hooks and melodies into your ears and has done with every single one of its EP's so far.

Despite belying any one easy genre classification, never is the music too weird, alien or off the wall to not be hugely likeable – there is often a moment of serene synth calm, a catchy vocal clip or soulful detroit reflection hidden within the rawness of EPs from Marquis Hawkes, odd and Jarred Wilson.
Each one comes pressed on coloured vinyl, with the hand-stamped dog face logo and a print out of the tracklist. If you haven't heard any of these we advise you to check them out fast, or even better get youself down to the Sub Club tomorrow night to see what it's all about! Keep up the good work guys!


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