Brand Profile - Timberland

The latest brand we have welcomed at Fat Buddha Store is classic boot brand Timberland and it couldn't be a better time. Not that it ever lost it popularity but the Timberland boot has returned in a massive way this season thanks to a string of celebrity fans and a general resurgence in the 90s hip hop aesthetic.

While the Timberland boot may be one of fashion's most recognisable pieces of footwear, and a pop culture reference in itself, you may not know much about the brand. Well the brand was started in the 70s by Sidney Swartz who noticed that America's workmen were in genuine need of a pair of durable outdoor leather boots that most importantly stayed dry. So he set about making just such a boot with the nifty addition of the now iconic wheat-coloured waterproof leather. The boots foray into the zeitgeist of popular culture didn't happen however until the early 90s when US hip-hop artist Wu-Tang Clan, DMX and Mobb Deep embraced them as a stable of the hip hop tribe. The Timberland boot has now joined the ranks of classic silhouettes such as the Converse Chuck Taylor or Clarks Desert Boot which transcend fads and trends to retain their popularity.

At Fat Buddha Store we will be carrying the classic 6" boot, a shoe which has been able to stand the test of time. This boot has had a resurgence in popularity this past season and has been spotted on a string of celebrities from Kayne West, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky and even Rihanna.

Durable against the elements the Timberland boot is the ideal on trend boot for this coming winter and is available in store and online now at Fat Buddha Store.


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