New Brand - Native Hair Products by British Barbers

Here at Fat Buddha Store we pride our selfs on having one of the most cohesive and comprehensive men's grooming selections in Glasgow. Each brand we stock is carefully considered meaning we only take new brands if we are sure of the quality, reputation and if they add to while complimenting our existing range. With this in mind we are thrilled to welcome our latest brand to the fold, Native Hair Products.

You can get the best haircut in the world but it means nothing without the right hair product. Native hair products are crafted by British barbers with the expertise to know what the ideal hair product should be. Made with only the best ingredients Native's range of hair products are quite simply some of the best on the market.

At Fat Buddha Store we will be stocking a full and ample selection of products for various hair types with Moulding Clay, Shaping Paste, Pomade and Strong Hold Wax. The Moulding Clay is perfect for short hair as it has a medium texture which is east to work into the hair and leaves a great matt finish, this product is ideal for a messy look. For those with short to medium hair the Shaping Paste is a great choice, the texture is soft and easy to work in leaving a matt finish that will last all day. The classic Pomade has good hold and will leave your hair looking glossy. For those with hard to tame hair the Strong Hold Wax is the product for you and will last all night with a slight shine, perfect for a more slicked back look.

The range is infused with the high standards of the British barbering industry with each product built on the same foundations of quality and craftsmanship as the industry that inspired it. If your looking for a quality hair grooming product, Native is the brand for you.

The range is available in store now and will be online at Fat Buddha Store shortly.

Below are images from the Native Products lookbook shot in and around their hometown of Leeds. They cut Michael's hair with length to the sides and kept length on top, using Native Shaping Paste to hold but allow movement. Rich went for a more traditional cut, with a subtle fade on the side, and strong side. Check out the looks below:


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