How to Style A Messy Quiff - With Uppercut Deluxe

Following on from our recent post in which we showed you how to create a pomp with Uppercut Deluxe's Pomade this week we show you how to style a messy quiff with another one of Uppercut's most popular products, their Matt Clay.

In this post Uppercut Deluxe shows you how to quickly and easily style a Messy Quiff at home using Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay. In this video and series of step-by-step images, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade so you can create your own Messy Quiff at home with ease. That means no fuss styling so you can achieve your favourite barbershop look at home in the mornings.

A Messy Quiff will be much easier to achieve with a great cut at a barbershop. Find a barbershop you trust, and stick with them! To achieve a great Messy Quiff that’s easy to recreate at home, ask your barber to use thinning scissors to take volume from the top if necessary. They should use also use a scissors-over-comb technique, and the front section of the hair should be kept slightly longer.
Even though it’s a Messy Quiff, the sides should be short and tidy.

The quiff is a combination of the 1950s pomp, and the 50s flat top styles, with an occasional reference to the mohawk. A quiff can be as tidy or as messy as you like, depending on the look you would like to achieve. Use our Matt Clay to add the desired amount of texture to your style. Take some time to play around with this look until you have a messy quiff that you’re happy to wear on a daily basis. It will look as though you just left the barber’s chair.

Pick up all you will need in store and online at Fat Buddha Store:
A hair dryer, Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay, a Quiff Roller and a Comb.


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