Fat Buddha Store - New Glasgow Store

To mark Fat Buddha Store's 10th anniversary, we have opened our new flagship store in Queen Street, in the heart of Glasgow's retail centre.

Inspired by the surrounding architecture, the design takes from the old and new and relies on a near monochrome colour palette and heavy materials. The interior is crafted from a contrasting combination of reclaimed wood, glass and aluminium, which slot together in perfect harmony. Our new store will house, within an airy space spanning two floors, our collection of; apparel, accessories, footwear, books and spray paint supplies. On our ground floor we will continue to sell some of our most popular footwear and apparel brands such as Carhartt WIP, Nike, Patagonia, Adidas, Wood Wood and many more. As before, in our basement you will find our selection of over 300 colours of spray paint, sketch books and paint pans.

The move has allowed us to hone in on the latest menswear and street wear trends and has allowed us to expand space for some of our most popular and growing brands like Carhartt WIP, Patagonia and Edwin denims

Make sure to drop by the shop if you’re in the area and if you can’t make it, pay us a visit over at http://https://www.fatbuddhastore.com/.

Fat Buddha Store
81 Queen Street,
G1 3DA



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