Going Out - SUPERZONE Multi Media Art Exhibition

Tomorrow our very own illustrator and graphic designer Ciaran Globel will be co-hosting SUPERZONE a multi media art exhibition along with Joe Crogan. SUPERZONE will be the duo's third exhibition together following on from HUGS 4 THUGS (2010) and SLIMELIFE (2014).

SUPERZONE features never before seen artwork in a variety of media, from hand-rendered typography to 3d virtual reality landscapes, textiles and digital prints.
Joe Crogan is a Glasgow based artist whose work occupies a point of intersection between the cities own club culture and contemporary art scenes, global internet design micro-cultures and new virtual-world representations of identity.

The works present Crogan’s preoccupations with virtual environments and internet design aesthetics, the freedom these allow individuals to currently explore new identity spaces and new forms of virtual representations of The Body, without the restraint of traditional ideas of human appearance. Crogan's figures are hyper colour saturated, hybridic creations that incorporate extra-human body parts and highly stylised metallic cyborg accessories - a humorous exploding of the chain and medallion motifs of hip-hop and wrestling cultures.

The stylisation of the figures references Renaissance and Classical art traditions (angels & demons, Greco Roman statues and architecture) as well as fashion motifs drawn from classic 1980’s Versace collections and the print patterns of Emillio Pucci. There are elements of manga art style and internet based design cultures and communities inc the recent seapunk aesthetic.

This exhibition aims to be in inclusive experience featuring two experimental musical acts from Kyle Stewart & Sudden and will also feature a raffle, merch stand, bizarro award ceremony and a Wall-o-Shame.”To quench the thirst during the warm summer night free beer will be provided from Tennent's Black along with Jim Beam who will be making Bourbon Old-Fashioneds. 
Doors open between 7:30pm - 12:00 in the Art School main hall. For more info go to the Art School website here.


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