Music Monday - Danny Brown, Gorillaz

This week we have news about the Gorillaz upcoming ablum along with the latest visuals from Detroit's Danny Brown.

Danny Brown - When It Rain
Detroit rapper Danny Brown has dropped the visuals for his new single "When It Rain." Shot in an old school VHS style the videos features everything from twerkers to contortionists with intermittent static clips. It's been almost three years since Brown released 2013's Old and there is yet no word on when his upcoming 2016 solo album will drop so it's good to finally see more from the artist. Check out the video below:


Gorillaz's Set to Drop New Album in 2017
With their last official release way back in 2011 acclaimed virtual britpop/trip-hop band the Gorillaz have good news for fans with the announcement of their fifth full-length studio album. Both Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have been dropping hints about the upcoming album for months and now according to the official fan page the drop is due for 2017 as it "can't be rushed."


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