John Peels Record Collection

Usually a Monday is a day for music here on the Fat Buddha Store blog, but something we're rather excited about is the release of the late great John Peel's record collection in the form of a virtual online archive museum. From today fans will be able to go online and sift through the great DJ's vast collection of music which includes more than 25,000 vinyl LPs and over 40,000 vinyl singles as well as CDs. Wirral-born Peel, who died in 2004 aged 65, was a champion of new music during nearly four decades as a DJ on BBC Radio 1 and was highly respected by musicians and music fans alike. The John Peel Centre in Stowmarket will recreate the late broadcaster's home studio for an Arts Council project called The Space. Every week, the Centre will expand the scope of its virtual museum, adding another 100 records.

"There'll be information about the record sleeve, front and back, all the information about the record itself, as well as whether John rated the album or not", Sheila Ravenscroft his widow explained. Although copyright prevents the centre from streaming the records, links will be included, when available, to purchase or stream the music on Spotify and iTunes. "I think people are going to be very interested as to what's in the collection," Ravenscroft said. "They will be amused and intrigued by it."

This is the first step in the journey of making one of the most important archives in modern music history available completely and we hope you guys are as excited as we are!, You can check it out here.



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