Music Monday - Blink 182

Today is my first Monday shift in what feels like forever. I've noticed that Monday's blog posts are usually reserved for Music Monday and today will be no different in that respect. However it will be different in the respect that today will be all about my favourite band Blink 182.
For me hearing blink-182 changed everything about me, it changed my musical taste, the clothes I wore and the friends I had. I think for a lot of people my age they done the same. The band started out as a 3 piece in California with original drummer Scott Raynor. They released two albums (Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch) and a few EP's (Flyswatter and Buddha) with Scott. Their big break came when the recorded their first album wit current drummer Travis Barker. Enema of the State changed how the band were perceived and burst into the mainstream.

The band were best friends who loved making music as could be seen from Mark Hoppus' and Tom DeLonges' stage presence and constant jokes. The went on to release a few more major albums before they went on an indefinite hiatus.
A air plane crash that nearly cost Travis his life brought the band back together and since their hiatus have released another album. As the band mature and age so does their musical style. I for one still love them to this day and I'm proud to say that without blink-182 I would not have anywhere near the musical taste or lifestyle I do today.


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