Palladium Boots

 In store now we have Palladium Boots, the classic French hat was founded in 1920 as a company that started out creating specialist tires for air crafts. Their advanced tires that were made by layering canvas bands undrneath vulcanised rubber soon ende up on the majority of Europe's aircrafts.

In 1947 Palladium put this same idea and expertise that was used in their tires to footwear and the resukt was the Pampa Boot. A boot that was renowned for its comfort, funcionality and durability so much so that it was adopted by the French Foreign legion.

Check out their series of Urban Exploration videos - This video sees the brands front man Pharrell Williams explore Tokyo after the tragedy of the 3/11 earthquake.

Cut to modern day and the comfortable, durable and funcional qualities that the brand stands for are still there with a more modern style and they look great. These qualities make them the ideal choice of footwear for the explorer in all of us, that still like to maintain style of course.

Check out our full range of Palladium here.


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