Dressers The Book

On Monday 2nd July we will see the release of the Dressers book, available in store and online. 80's lads culture, One up-manship, football fashion, music and everything else linked with the Scottish soccer casual scene in the 80's, Dressers has it. The book is a social history of young working class culture as it chronicles the rise of one of Scotland's original casual groups.

As well as covering and charting the fashion pioneered by the group from Italian sportswear to baggy rave gear it also gives us a view from the time on the terraces, therave scene and the real stories behind the headlines.

Over 200 pages in colour featuring personal accounts of events, over 500 photographs, all of the fashion and everything else from the Scottish 80's casual scene. The book is available to pre order online here and will be in store Monday.


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