Music Monday - Nightwave

UK based Slovenian Nightwave, formerly known as 8Bitch is someone that many of you may already know by now and if you don't you are sure to find out this year. A close friend of the Glasgow based Lucky Me collective, Nightwave makes electronic music, DJ's and is also a vocalist (she recently collaborated with her boyfriend Rustie on his album track Surf). A real multi talented individual she has also done some acting in her time including parts in UK Police drama The Bill. She is also a Judo champion!

With a few releases under her belt on the likes of labels such as Svetlana Industries and Unknown to the Unknown which has helped put her on the radar in the dance music scene. But more recently it's her DJ'ing that she has been gaining attention, her very eclectic tastes and talent are obvious in her sets as she plays whatever she wants, bouncing between techno, classic chouse, grime, r n b, juke, hip hop and everything inbetween.

Her talent has resulted in her being selected as a participant in the world famous Red Bull Music Academy where she will have been given the best opportunity and teaching to hone her art. If her RBMA set at the Sonardome during the Sonar festival in Barcelona a few weeks ago is anything to go by she has really stepped her game up with a set that blew Sonar away.


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