Hottie of the Week - Cheryl Cole

Hottie of the week this week goes to Cheryl Cole! I have no idea why she hasn't ever been hottie of the week before. To be honest I don't really care for Cheryl's music, I watch the videos on mute!

Even if her music isn't my cup of tea, there is no doubting what an absolutely beauty Cheryl is. She was previously on the X Factor UK and had a very short stint on the X Factor US. 

Cheryl is of course from Newcastle and with out doubt she is my Favourite Geordie! As you may also be aware she was also married to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole. Their marriage unfortunately didn't work out due to Ashley cheating...what an idiot!

Well that's another one done! I'm really glad I got to "work" (Looking at pictures of Cheryl Cole cannot really be classified as this) this week.



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