Palladium Boots

Some new Palladium boots have just arrived in store at Fat Buddha Store, and make a great addition to our already popular collection. The classic French brand were founded in 1920 as a company that started out creating specialist tires for aircraft's. Their advanced tires, that were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanised rubber soon ended up on the majority of Europe's aircraft's.

In 1947 Palladium put this same idea and expertise that was used in their tires to footwear and the result was the Pampa Boot. A boot that was renowned for its comfort, functionality and durability, so much so that it was adopted by the French Foreign legion. Moving onto 2013 and the brand are stronger than ever with a great array of footwear in a host of different colours and finishes.
The three models to arrive are the Pampa Hi in a new Peru colour show above and below, followed by the Pampa Lite in Otan Green and in a ripstop fabric and finally the Pampa Blanc Hi in a new Metal Grey colour way. You can check out more pics below.
All the styles above are available in store and online now at Fat Buddha Store. You can browse the full range of Palladium here. Go check them out.


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